i am Sandra Bland 

I have something to say! Although Sandra Bland’s autopsy ruled out no sign of suicide, I must offer an alternative perspective. We were so quick to dismiss suicide. Why? Because of the black woman super woman complex. That black women are so strong bearing the weight of the world, that they’re the back bone of families, buttered and provider to all. That we are SO STRONG & UNBREAKABLE … As we are expected to be… But do u see the problem here? The stresses and expectations set upon us. It can wear you down! We get tired and it’s ok to break down and be broken! Where’s the balance? Sandy Girl I know you were tired and broken and that is okay too! May you rest in peace!  
Funny thing is that everyone keeps questioning what type of imminent threat she could’ve possibly presented to have compelled the officer to escalate in that way, as she had no physical weapon or action of assault against him, but she had the mightiest weapon of them all. She presented herself as an educated, well informed, & intelligent black woman. In his eyes she was ARMED & DANGEROUS! Now think about that! It’s not guns and machines. It’s Knowledge… To think I could be arrested & dead consequently for being black and educated that scares me. It’s hysterical -That I’m the one to be feared… But this has been such a profound inquiry! That I am feared- a force to be reckoned with! … What a beautiful nightmare 😐
Now Some of you won’t understand, but this one hit home for me. This could reaaaaaaallly be me, my mother, aunts, cousins, or closest friends. There are so many similar characteristics/ traits / circumstances between she and I that it scares me. I know my rights & I would’ve done everything she did in this same situation. Exercising my rights (& Yall know I’m a pistol)… 
About two months ago An officer was flirting at me at a light. I disengaged as I wasn’t interested. He pulled up next to me again at another light and I rolled my eyes. So by consequence he tail gated for a few blocks then turned on his sirens and signaled for me pull over. He pulled up next to me made eye contact with a stern face & then laughed in my face. I was terrified like what the heck did I do. He drove off. I got so angry… But whatever! 
I have a break light with a broken fuse that I’ve paid to be fixed 3x already! God forbid an officer pulls me over for this and this happens. I keep thinking of the odds of this happening but in reality there hardly are any. This is happening ordinarily. It’s like an open season on blackness! Racism and police brutality are at the forefront and has been a steady source of economic profit in America. Think about that for what it is- my BLACKNESS Is profitable but Hardly for my own good! 
#CaniLive #SANDYspeaks #iSpeak #SayHerName #SayMineToo #SandraBland #KimberleeKing #KindraChapman #iAmSandraBland #SandyBland


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