Baring it all? Or barely ?

To my superwomen & supermen, have you ever gone by that saying? – that – “God won’t put more on my plate than what I can bare.” Certainly, you have, but I hope you’re also asking yourself whether He put it there in the 1st place! Too often we use this idiom to justify a vast majority of “multitasking” we habitually find ourselves in. We like to be saviors and superheroes saving the day. Many of us carry the weight of the world & a pathology that deduces that “well if it’s here on my plate then God must have put it there” but my darlings, that’s not always the case. There are some things that God put there for you and there are others which are disguised distractions. Learn to wean the distractions out. Know your plate. Know your portions and know which ones to push away. Discernment is key. How clear is your vision?


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