If Valentine’s Day Annoys You…

“Falling in love with yourself 1st does not make you vain or selfish. It makes you indestructible.”

– unknown

Granted Valentine’s Day, is a rather socially superficial holiday. However my hope is that in the essence of love of that you take advantage of the hyperawareness of love of Valentine’s Day and orient that overwhelming love and awareness towards yourself! You are the most deserving of your own energy and attention. Before you can ever truly connect or simply acknowledge another person you must first acknowledge yourself. You are worth loving & knowing, and no one can love you, or desire you, or work on you, as passionately as you can – for yourself. So love on to every aspect of you…The light and the dark. Acknowledging the complexity of your good and bad makes you all the more beautiful and strong. Remember that in order for the light to shine so brightly that there has to be darkness & that this recognization and tuning into is due to you. So this is me advocating for you- so that you would take advantage of the day- so that super strong energy of hate and aggravation is manifested into something more beautiful and valuable. I’m not disclaiming how annoying the day can be- especially the superficiality. I definitely understand your sentiment; but channel that energy towards yourself in a more conducive way that will actually do you some good. Why expend your energy on someone or something else when you can be spending it on loving you!?? Think about that. I love you all✨🔥😻😽💫


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