Potentially Sleep


At first sight
My eyes went beyond your surface level
I sized up the circumference of your lips & the deep of your feet
I gave consideration to the Grand possibility
That Perhaps You’d be everything I Wanted you to be
But Too bad those big tallies could never truly estimate
what I hoped you had potential to be
In my mind you Alone possessed the potential
Of the culmination of being both you AND me
And somewhere along the lines of my mind I persuaded
your potential into being my alleged reality …
Yes- In my mind I signed up for make believe
that you were already right there with me
Like really Psyched myself out into dreaming and day walking into imagining things
And all the While in my beautiful slumber
You looked at things soooo so differently
Per say- an Opportunity to conquer me sexually
And successful ? Well, Yea maybe
But u see that was JUST the tip of the ice burg
Look up Sir- you only went knee deep
And so It’s crazy how we were always together
YET you were never actually really with me
In my mind I was on something better
but the whole time I was actually asleep
Unless Your goal was to tip off the ice burg
Know that Your conquest was incomplete
In the future- you should try something better
Like diving in for the soul’s deep
But you struggle at holding your head above water
And so All the while I was imagining things


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