Who and what I am


I am light and I am love
giving warm energy to the humidity
within the hovering dark clouds
I have the power of thunder striking the darkest of skies
I am stormy winds lighting the fire below the caskets
And when all is lost and gone
Amidst what is left
Scattered abroad in the ashes
There will always be
remnants of me
Because in it all
I always gave myself freely
Like Abraham gave Isaac
I sacrificed my life for the heavenlies
My time here on this earth goes beyond me
& before I was even here I was made eternity
Because the Father set me so aside differently
&Made me in His image so beautifully
Reflecting the beauty and ugliest of royalties
I am light and I am love
And although I show up in the darkest of places
Don’t u ever forget who and what I am

Ig: @liyaaaaaah
Twitter : @aliyahmonea


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