3-2-1 Ready or not here I come

It’s amazing how we choose to forget
Refuse to forgive
Succumb to regret

Dead daddies and emotions
Dry streams – & desert oceans

Heads full of tears
Mouths full of fears
And so mine
Mind was all open

Because u know what they say
Closed mouths don’t get fed

Well THEN closed legs shouldn’t get spread!


But y’all surrrre got me…

Mommy left home
Daddy was gone
& I was left in the care of a neighbor

Homework complete
Good food to eat
&He said I’d return the favor

Hide and go seek
Count to 50 – don’t peak!
&In my panties were the fingertips of a raper
Yea- in my panties were the fingertips of a raper

Ready or not here I come
Hands over my mouth
Don’t run
& so there I stooped in the closet with our little secret


He was About 13 years old
And I was just nearly 5
He was a little slow, Plus I didn’t know
What was really going on at the time

Well fast forward to15 years later
I’m in college and I’m so audacious
Kicking stones – braking bones
Mad at Everyman that that doesn’t acknowledge or want to taste my flavor

And so today
Don’t know where he is
& I’m outrageous
confused by the pieces of a broken memory that seem so fallacious

Afterall it’s over a decade later
And I’m still missing pages
Can’t put together the pieces of this broken frame of-
Sticks and stones that –
broke my bone And –
just mere words that-
did more than hurt me…
Stole my innocence and my memory…


And so I just think it’s -amazing how we choose to forget
Refuse to forgive
& succumb to regret

We don’t wanna feel
We don’t wanna steal
We don’t want to have anything to do with our pain
But if there’s anything I’ve learned from this
It’s that no matter how hard u try to block it- it’ll come back and haunt U again

Unless u choose to remember/The images/the faces
&then that’s how u block the triggers

Unless you Choose to forgive
For when u forgive you put to death the dead weight that is anchoring your soul way down in the trenches. So set your spirit free.

And don’t think about the “wha- ifs”
Regrets are extraneous and should have no bearings on “the future-me.”

These are just words.
I wrote them.
Then spoke them
Then gave myself the Power to remove dark clouds from over my head.
& so like I said
Closed mouths don’t get fed
& closed legs shouldn’t get spread







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