Baltimore to Ferguson Protests : A letter to my Unfathomable Reality, by me on behalf of the people

From the pit of my gut, I uttered …

“To the Inadvertent Racism Hatred & Bigotry that makes me sick to my stomach,


You are the boils under my skin that make people cringe when they look at me
Youre the alfalfa in my hair that sticks up&makes me a mockery
It’s the pain I bear
It’s the blood we share
You say u love but I see no care
And so like the bald spot In my head u have fallen out time after time every time I touch you
And now everyone can see my allopecia
The cancer that eats me away
After every word I heard you say
Like pins in a voodoo doll I stuck to you and u to I
But you permanently damaging me with no grace
I cannot even face my past
Nor can I acknowledge my present so I am stuck on a rock
I’m in a hard place
Can’t even tie my shoe lace
My back hurts from baggage I carry
Its like we’re married &its scary
&now her comes that Devilish son of a bitch u made my baby
You’re the fetus in my womb that I apprehensively want to push out
Impregnated me with your venomous taste
My mind cannot erase
So now when I look at this child it’s the face of Rape
My soul is cut deep
My feet, my arms, my elbows, and my ears I weep
&your still forever with me but never to return again to bandage the bruises u inflicted upon my soul
Divorce me
Regurgitate all the life opportunities, fears, hopes, &dreams that u stole from me and my people
give me back my silenced voice
there is no noise
This house is not a home i can’t possibly live here
I’m homeless in a world full of people that see my pain
my business all out in the streets
I’m the elephant in the room and nobody wants to speak
standing on the corner with my sign saying heal my hurt
will work for hope
battered marginialized immobilized and bodily severed from your adultery and abandonment
but like i said
Give me my papers I am ready to sign them
I want a divorce”

Photo shot by Akeem Griffin Nov.25.2014


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