So this is an allegiance that I wrote to myself in my “dream book” a bit over a year ago. I was in a very humbling and happy place. At the time I was studying abroad in London. My eyes were big and bold. My heart was open and hopeful. Lately I’ve been feeling lost and confused. To say the least, I took much pleasure in stumbling upon this. May it inspire you…

I want to evolve beyond this place and time. I want to feel the exuberance of life and love. I want to take time to taste the goodness of unforeseen opportunity and success that used to be far from the likes of my kind. I am the manifestation of what used to be only a dream. I believe that i will bask in greatness and that my company will be considered one of prestige and glory. I promise to continue to serve God. The fulfillment of life and joy burns through the pores of my skin; like sweaty palms, like palpitations in my heart, a drum that remarks on the urgency of my yearning for the overturning of all odds that have been placed against me. I am predestined and powerful…
-my solemn promise


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