Redirection / Reorientation / Reassurance

One day you have it all together & the next day it’s all gone.¬†But know this- everything will work out for your good. Don’t be too focused on the “Nothing” in front of you. Gather your heart, your hopes, & broken pieces. Look up to the sky & be blessed by the Bountiful! There is something so much bigger than your situation behind you. You have the power to turn it around.


beach bw




So this is an allegiance that I wrote to myself in my “dream book” a bit over a year ago. I was in a very humbling and happy place. At the time I was studying abroad in London. My eyes were big and bold. My heart was open and hopeful. Lately I’ve been feeling lost and confused. To say the least, I took much pleasure in stumbling upon this. May it inspire you…

I want to evolve beyond this place and time. I want to feel the exuberance of life and love. I want to take time to taste the goodness of unforeseen opportunity and success that used to be far from the likes of my kind. I am the manifestation of what used to be only a dream. I believe that i will bask in greatness and that my company will be considered one of prestige and glory. I promise to continue to serve God. The fulfillment of life and joy burns through the pores of my skin; like sweaty palms, like palpitations in my heart, a drum that remarks on the urgency of my yearning for the overturning of all odds that have been placed against me. I am predestined and powerful…
-my solemn promise

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