Remembering Karyn Washington in what is Honorable and in What is True

Dear Karyn Washington/ FBG Followers, Friends, Family,

I’d like to share this video with you all. There has been a lot of rumoring and speculation surrounding Karyn’s death. With maintaining a level of privacy and respect for Karyn’s personal life and affairs, we’d like to provide you with a little bit more clarity as to what she was going through and also address the untruth and hysteria that has surrounded her passing.

A very close friend has taken the time in this video to provide you with more insight as to what she was experiencing, encourage people to be more hopeful, and to refocus their energy around what is true and what is honorable of Kay’s legacy. She ever so gracefully addresses some of the speculation and ignorance that has been shed in the media while maintaining the utmost dignity and class.

Yumnah, way to represent our beloved, Karyn in the true fashion of our Brown Girl Extraordinaire!  Love you, my Sista!

Please feel free to re-blog, post, and or share the video.


God Bless ❤



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