Valid Questions

Today, March 3rd marks history!

Congratulations to my Love, Lupita but to the fans and all: What is it for YOU? I’m curious to know. Do we praise Lupita for her talent or because of who she is? Is it merited or unmerited favor? Is it as much about her talent as it is about her as a person of color? Is it the rise of the underdog? Are we tokenizing her as the dark skinned woman of color, the minority of all minorities rising above the odds; is it the mere fact that she’s got the world shaking In their boots, changing the name of the game? Are her accolades based on the content of her character or her persona- the idea of her? are these components inextricably bound? Have we made her into a prodigy? And if so do you think this might be problematic? I’d just like to think I’m praising her for all the right reasons so someone please do tell me. What is it- this crazed hyper admiration of Lupito Nyong’o, every chocolate girl’s sHero? *Valid Question*



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